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How to Lose Weight Just by Walking

To control weight gain is a concern with a lot of people around the globe. Without doubt, the one thing that can run continuously in their mind is how to lose weight without feeling weak or needing to follow a rigorous weight loss regimen. Walking can be an answer to their expectations.

Exercises that burn calories are used for weight loss or weight management. Walking is one of such exercise that can help in weight management. Not only it is good for weight loss, but is also good for keeping muscles toned, increasing stamina and strengthening bones.

How to Lose Weight:

Weight loss is dependent upon the factor that how much calories you burn against the total intake of calories for a specific period of time. Also, as an additional measure, cutting down on the intake of calories can work effectively to lose weight.

Around 3500 calories = 1 pound. Thus, if you have to lose 1 pound weight, you need to burn 3500 calories. To be able to lose 1 pound weight, you will have to burn the regular intake of calories through food and burn 3500 additional calories, which can shed the extra 1 pound of fatty tissues.

Walking and Weight Loss:

Some exercises are capable of burning calories rigorously, such as aerobics. However, such exercises may not be suitable for every individual. Walking is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere and at anytime, without any equipment.

However, walking as a weight loss exercise cannot be just that same as walking in a park. It has to be brisk walking. A brisk walk of 30 min every day for a week can burn 1050 calories. More the pace and more the walk, more is the loss in calories.

A beginner can start with 3 to 4 miles per hour lasting for 30 minutes and go on increasing the pace gradually to 4.5 to 5 miles per hour (mph)  lasting for an hour. An hour of brisk walking at a pace of 5 mph can burn 300 to 500 calories more than usual.

Walking Checklist for Weight Loss:
  • Good posture is important for any exercise and correct posture while walking is important to prevent stress over neck and shoulder, and also to facilitate easy breathing.
  • Ensure that you are walking briskly to cover at least 3.5 miles per hour. Check out the time you take to complete a mile. If it is 15 min or less then you are doing it correctly.
  • Walk long enough. At least walk for 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes
  • Add some intensity to the exercise by hurrying while walking as if you are late for an appointment, or walking over a hill or speeding up  walking such that it is as good as jogging.
Although, walking is a good exercise to lose weight, it is important to do it correctly. Walking for weight loss is not same as a walk in a park, but it has to be brisk and for a significant time.

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