Thursday, February 7, 2013

Infographics on Running

I am sharing one inforgraphics related to running! Check it.

Nordictrack gives the Top Ten Benefits of Running. The Top 10 Benefits of Running

  1. Overall Mental Health: Running helps to release natural chemicals within the body to make you feel happy.
  2. Lessens Asthma Effects: Asthmatics will breathe easier with strengthening the bronchi and lungs.
  3. Helps with High Blood Pressure Prevention: Running causes arteries to expand. This keeps arteries strong to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  4. Stronger Immune System: People who run often have less minor illnesses.
  5. Weight Loss: The movements with running help break down fat. This helps you burn 705 to 865 calories each hour.
  6. Physical Strength: Running strengthens ligaments and tendons and builds lower body strength.
  7. Increase Bone Density: If bones are stressed, the body sends important minerals to them. As running stresses the bones, these minerals increase bone density.
  8. Joint Strength and Stability: When you increase the tendon and ligament strength, you also increase joint strength minimizing injuries to the knees, hips and ankles.
  9. Personal Control: Running gives you higher confidence, which gives more control over your life.
  10. Reduce Effects of Diabetes: Diabetics builds up a resistance to insulin that running can lower. This maintains healthy levels of sugar in the blood.

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Stay Fit and Motivated in Winter

We all know that motivation and physical fitness go hand in hand. Motivation is the drive that enables you to get out there and break a sweat even when you would rather just sit on your couch and eat an ice cream cone in front of the television set. Without some level of motivation, it’s impossible to stay in shape, but winter can wreak havoc on a person’s motivation, with its frigid weather and rich holiday foods. But you shouldn’t allow the winter chill to freeze your health and fitness. You just need to get into the right frame of mind. Here are some workout ideas for those struggling with the winter workout blues.

Find Friends Who Share Your Goals

Do you have friends who also enjoy working out? If so, consider getting into the habit of joining them at the gym or in their favorite Spinning class. Having that extra accountability is the quickest way to boost your motivation and ensure that you remain on track with your physical fitness. If you don’t currently have friends who share your fitness goals, try a class for yourself and make some new friends. From kickboxing to step aerobics, there are numerous options to choose from, and each class is great for making valuable social connections as well as burning fat and toning muscle.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

It’s easy to lose sight of your fitness goals during the winter months because colder weather equals more layers of clothing. When we’re bundled up, we tend not to worry as much about physical appearance, but staying in shape is about so much more than just looking fantastic in a bathing suit. We must remember that eating well and exercising daily is about maintaining a healthy heart, optimal blood pressure and ideal body mass index, just to name a few important examples. So even if you’re not concerned about having chiseled abs underneath six layers of winter clothing, think about the bigger rewards: your health and longevity.

Make Your Exercise Work for You

Stay motivated by making your workout work for you. If you have to drive to the gym in frigid weather, or if your usual workout involves jogging through the park on a sunny day, it can be very easy to just say, “I’ll work out tomorrow,” and then curl up under a warm blanket. The key is to make your workout as simple as possible. For instance, try bringing the workout into the comfort of your own home. You might purchase a treadmill, invest in a set of Zumba DVDs, tone up with a Bodyblade or stock up on free weights.

The opportunities are virtually limitless, but the key is to stay in a positive frame of mind and make the effort to exercise every day. So find a workout that works for you and turn up the heat this winter season!

Advantages of Homeopathic Medicines

Advantages of Homeopathic Medicines -

There is nothing like natural care and techniques. What nature can provide us cannot be provided by any other means be it natural therapy or treatment for any disease, which is the reason why many people believe in natural care and treatment for any particular disease. There is a system of medicine which's completely based on the natural treatment of diseases called Homeopathy. The medicines and treatments used in this system of medicine are far away from any adulteration and only uses natural substance. It was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann who was a German physician. After the thorough studies, he introduced this system of medicine in the early 1980s.

In India, it is considered to be very effective for various kinds of treatment. Many people has benefited from the use of homeopathic medicines. Today, it is curing a number of diseases and above all it is being used for treating the obesity and weight related issues. It is also very effective medicine for the treatment of weight loss. It comprises of small doses of medicines which need to be taken from time to time at regular intervals. To know more about the benefits of homeopathy, stay with us.


When people take any treatment, the first thing they put emphasis on is the safety factor. Safety factor is a major concern for many people, as many treatments result in side effects and after effects. Homeopathic medicines are completely reliable and safe for the people. They do not give any side effects, rather, benefit people in many ways.


For some people, money is the primary issue which becomes a constraint for better treatment, because of which some people are deprived of better medical services. But people who face financial problem need not have to worry any longer. Homeopath provides them the best treatment for weight loss and many health issues at a much cheaper and affordable rate.


A number of people have got benefits of homeopathic medicines in losing weight, skin diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. The outcome of the homeopathic medicines are positive and many people have been able to maintain a good health by the regular consumption of this medicine.  

Builds Immunity 

A strong immunity system helps us to protect from various diseases and viral infection. It is a kind of protected shield over us. If our immunity becomes weak then we are more prone to various viral and bacterial attacks. Homeopathic medicines along with curing a particular disease, helps in building a strong immunity system of the body which therefore helps us to fight with diseases.

In this way, by taking homeopathic medicines, you are liable to become fit, stronger and healthier. The above benefits of homeopathic medicines is just a beginning, it has a number of benefits which it gives to mankind.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Raw Food Diet and Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which is governed to a very large extent by the diet of an individual. People who get diagnosed with this medical condition already suffer from so many dietary restrictions because of that. As it has been found out in studies that having a cent percent raw food diet proves beneficial to deal with the disease, sticking to it does help. In fact a person can actually reverse the medical condition by strictly following a diet that comprise of raw foods. For that, well monitored diet programs have been designed that can be followed by individuals who really wish to counteract diabetes successfully. 

In general, whatever a diabetic person eats decides his/her bodily nutrition quotient and the further mode of the disease. By having proper awareness and correct knowledge about various kind of nutrients, they can decide the course of their meals. Not only that, a better understanding about the role played by the nutrients in the smooth functioning of the systems helps to understand how can one counteract various kind of illnesses. If needed, assistance of a doctor or a diet expert too can be taken to plan the diet. One can also discuss questions such as 'how do unprocessed foods affect the body systems?' and ' how can one control diabetes and related illnesses ', such as: high-blood pressure, low blood pressure or cardiac failure in severe cases. 

How does Raw foods Help Diabetic patients?
  • One of the benefits of having raw foods is that they are unprocessed . As preservatives such as sugar and salt doesn't get used up, chances of high and low blood pressure gets automatically eradicated.
  • Most of the time, people who get diagnosed with diabetes are found obese. So doctors suggest to get rid of the excess weigh t. For that, following a diet plan based upon the intake of raw foods proves to be a real good solution. This is because the uncooked and unprocessed foods do not contain dangerous and unhealthy nutrients. That is why they prove healthy and good as they do not contribute to obesity.
  • As focus of the diet plan is on the intake of fruits and vegetables, glucose level in the blood stream gets automatically stabilized. This is in fact a very good thing for the diabetes patients.
  • Availability of different type of nutrients in ample measures becomes possible when a diabetic patient follows a diet plan that comprise of raw foods. This accelerates the metabolism which speeds up fat burning and ensures proper utilization of the sugars that get consumed by means of fru its and vegetables.
  • Most of the raw foods contain very less percentage of salt and starch. Diabetic patients who are advised to stay away from these two elements can include uncooked foods in their daily meals.
Apart from the above mentioned benefits, dia betic patients can deal with the nutritional deficiency of cases of 'over-nutrition', if any. Moreover, one can also have an increased energy level, better digestion and reduced risk of medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Resolution Raw Food Diet

The importance of food in our life cannot be described in words. Foods hold a very important place in our life. Good foods make you healthy, fit and strong while unhealthy foods make you fall sick and causes various diseases. It entirely depends upon the type of choice you make. A majority of the population of America are overweight, which has triggered the need for weight loss reduction plans. People are taking it very seriously and therefore opting for various types of diet.

The raw food diet is the latest catch of the season and many people are blindly following this. Some have taken it so seriously that they have made it a new year resolution for them. With the onset of new year, people have taken this resolution for making them a healthy human being with a lean weight this year. Let us see how this helps and the effectiveness of the raw food diet.
Raw Food diet is a diet comprising of unprocessed or uncooked foods. In this kind of diet, the dieters practice rawism which is consumption of raw food items. The foods which are generally in this diet are, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, beans, sprouts, nuts and whole grains. Anything which is to be eaten under this diet is to be in its raw form. Alcohol, animal meats and caffeine are not included in this diet.

Benefits of Raw Food diet

By following a diet comprising of only raw foods, you get a good skin, clean system and overall a lean body weight. You would be able to reduce weight by following such kinds of diet on regular basis. More a food is unprocessed, the more nutrients it contains whereas more a food is processed, lesser the nutrients we get. This is the difference between a processed and unprocessed food. In raw foods, the nutritional value of foods are very high, but the longer you cook them, they start losing their nutrients. Raw food diet gives you the right amount of nutrients with enormous amount of energy. There are plenty of evidences which support this kind of diet.

The research shows that raw food is any day better and high in nutritional value than the cooked foods. However, there are some exceptional foods whose nutritional value is increased only when they are cooked, for instance, tomatoes. Therefore, you must be careful in distinguishing those food items so that you do not get less nutrients.

How to make Raw Food Diet your New Year's Resolution ?

If you are planning to take a new year resolution regarding health related issues, then try to incorporate this resolution to bring out a drastic change in your lifestyle. To opt for raw food diet should be one among many resolutions if you are planning to have a lean body at the end of this year. You only have to consult your dietitian and ask for his/her guidance in following this diet. With their help, you would be able to successfully implement this resolution and make it a big success.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 10 Foods for Protein, Carbs and Fat

There are people who do workouts for weight loss and also weight gain. But the first one is much familiar. For that many people are maintaining a low carb, fat and high protein diet. Such regime plans are followed by the people in order to change their body metabolism. By this, the body burns its own fat and calories. If to be followed perfect diets then here you go

Top ten best foods for protein

  1. Cottage cheese: It is a dairy product mainly used for removing acidity.
  2. Cod Fish: Cod is popular seafood, used in cod liver oils. It has vitamin A, D, E and omega-3 fatty acids.
  3. Egg White: It is also called as albumen which contains 90% of water and 10% of dissolved proteins.
  4. Salmon: A fish from fresh water consisting of Vitamin D and called as oily fish.
  5. Cooked chicken: It’s rich in proteins and a staple of many restaurant foods.
  6. Turkey Breast: Christmas feasts are celebrated with turkey meat. Contain low fat content, healthier than dark meat.
  7. Whey Protein: It benefits in muscle building and digestive issues.
  8. Rainbow Trout: Trout are other species of salmon which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and used in medicines to cure diseases.
  9. Steak (beef): Unlike other, Steak is semi cooked and tastes good. It consists much of proteins.
  10. Pork tenderloin: It is a part of pork which is cooked thoroughly and the proteins present in it give out as best food.
Top ten best foods for Carbs
  1. Underground tubers (potatoes, Yams): The baked root vegetables contain minerals.
  2. Bread: The carbohydrate quantity is more in breads. So bread is considered as healthy food. It has much of fibre content.
  3. Pasta: It is a digest meal with proteins and carbs.
  4. Sugar: Sugar is called low carb low diet food. No fat no fibre.
  5. Peas and Legumes: People call them as nasty toxins but the roots contain high carbs.
  6. Oatmeal: It is best breakfast which can be had with a mixture of milk and fruits. It keeps you away from cholesterol.
  7. Multi Grain (barley, oats, cereal mix): This mixture contains many minerals and vitamins. Grains keep our bodies strong.
  8. Cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli and cabbage): They are called as leafy vegetables which are low in calorie.
  9. Fruits: Fruits should be taken daily. They allow you to be fit containing rich nourishments.
  10. Brown rice: It is semi polished rice consists of all the nutrient values.

Top ten best foods for fat
  1. Seafood: They are delicious dishes with fatty acids and many vitamins.
  2. Whole grain: Nutritional benefits are more in whole grain which is recommended to consume twice daily.
  3. Dairy products: These are part of breakfasts consumed with fruits.
  4. Beans: Benefits your health much because of more fibre content.
  5. Avocado: It gives proteins, fat and minerals. Saturated fat is more.
  6. Olive oil: It cures ulcers and gastric.
  7. Berries: Fruits are helpful in proper digestion.
  8. Kelp Noodles: They contain saturated oil so rich in fat.
  9. Lamb: Poultry products are always rich in carbohydrates and they generate fat in the body.
  10. Celery: Each serving of celery contains all vitamins.

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Supplements Aid You in Your Raw Food Diet

While the American Dietetic Association does support a diet that is plant-based, the raw food diet is one that has no cooked foods. This can make it difficult to completely gain all the nutrients needed for a healthy body even though this diet is a healthy one.

Taking vitamin supplements can help those who do not get enough Vitamin D, Omega-3s calcium, iron, and vitamin B12 in their diets. The Hawthorn supplements have been shown to decrease high blood pressure while reducing risks of chronic heart problems.

The raw food diet is very rich in fiber and nutrients, while being low in sugars and fats. However, cooking foods such as tomatoes and eggs help their nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the body. Plus, adding more soy and beans to your diet helps increase protein, as plant protein is not easily digestible.

Additionally, a raw food diet can lead to clear skin, a lean body and high energy while decreasing the risk of disease. Yet, eating a diet of many grains and nuts can be highly acidic; this increases calcium loss in your bones. Therefore the ADA also recommends increasing calcium supplements.

It is important to maintain steady blood sugar levels by eating small regular meals. It is possible to support our body’s natural defenses by combining fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables with natural grains. This will also help us to maintain energy levels to help us through a stressful day.

As you can clearly see without sufficient vitamins and minerals our bodies eventually run into serious problems. This is especially true with the hectic, fast-paced lives and stress most women lead. It is important to maintain a healthy weight, drink lots of water, eat well and supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals, where shortages occur.

Overall, providing vitamin supplements are added, researchers believe the raw food diet can be a healthy (although it is not recommended for infants or children). As with all diets, it is further recommended to check with your physician before beginning any new diet.

Don’t forget that being hydrated is essential for good health. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, because even mild dehydration drains our energy and slows metabolism causing weight gain. While your body does need the right nutrients, the raw food diet is the answer for many women provided the right amounts of vitamin and mineral supplements are added.

Paige One enjoys writing about a variety of topics, from fashion to fitness. Taking supplements with your raw food diet, such as Hawthorn supplements will aid in a healthy way of living.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Raw food diet basics

Raw food diet basics help to have proper information about the exact benefits that one can derive from the different kind of raw foods. Many times, when dieters are advised to follow a diet program that comprise of foods that are raw, they do not possess proper information regarding them. In such situation, they can't derive desired benefits. It would be really better if dieters give serious thought to the consumption of raw foods and apply the basics so that maximum results can be attained with respect to desired weight reduction.

What Is a Raw Food Diet?

A raw food diet constitute of foods that are raw, that is uncooked and unprocessed. For example, raw fruits, raw vegetables, different type of dried nuts, seeds, sea weeds, properly sprouted seeds, whole grains, fruit juices, finely rolled and flaked grains, and herbs. These foods are not heated above 48C, or 118F and are consumed in whole amount without any processing. Besides, they contain plenty of life force and are thus healthy for consumption. Having such foods is good for the body as neither preservatives nor the unnecessary ingredients enter into the human body system. The basic principle that lied behind having raw foods is also 'rawism'. This is basically a choice of lifestyle and not a diet plan for weight reduction. However, it is not at all easy as many find it difficult to follow on consistent basis. Moreover, it involves lot of inputs such as cleaning of the fruits and vegetables, peeling and cutting them into small parts. Doing all these things on daily basis is not always possible due to the unavailability of adequate time.

Raw Food Basics
  • Eating a basic raw food diet makes people thrive on living food which in turn helps to acquire abundant measures of energy
  • Consuming a diet of uncooked and unprocessed plant foods that are organic helps to have nutrients in ample amount
  • As the foods are not heated above a certain temperature, the different type of beneficial enzymes don't get destroyed and thus become available in abundant measures for human consumption
  • Less heating does not lead to the loss of the life force of various kind of foods. That is why, the digestive system has to work really hard and for a very long time so that the foods gets consumed in a proper way.
  • Having raw foods helps to have automatic weight loss as high percentage of fats doesn't enter into the human body, because foods like oils, butter, etc doesn't get used in the making of such foods
  • Eating raw foods helps to have the feeling of fullness, and the taste that one gets is also original and unique. This way, one gets to taste abundant measures of different type of nutrients that assist the digestion process in a better way.
  • Having raw foods helps to reduce the overall level of cholesterol
  • Severity of medical conditions such as inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis too gets reduced
  • Blood pressure level gets normal
Apart from the above basic aspect of eating raw foods, a person can have a glowing skin.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guest Post on How Teenagers Can Lose Belly Fat

Teenage is the phase in which your body goes through a variety of changes. It is very easy to give a particular shape to your body at this age. The reason behind this is simple, you have a high rate of metabolism. This indicates more and more utilization of calories as body fuel.
Therefore, to lose belly fat or weight for this age group is very easy. However, one thing which is common among old age group and teenager is that, the belly fat area takes certain time to get reduced. So the question is how teenager could lose belly fat? Here are some simple tips which will guide you to do so effectively.

  • Running, irrespective of any age group, is the best and ultimate method to lose belly fat. Teens tend to lose belly fat fast as compared to old age group as they have more stamina for doing this exercise.
  • Another good way to reduce your tummy fat is to practice sit ups and crunches regularly. Doing them irregularly will not bring in the desired results. So, you need to do this constantly and regularly to get back in shape.
  • Along with these exercises, you need to cut down on certain food items such as potato chips and soft drinks. These are not only loaded with fats, but also high on salt, so reducing their intake would be a good option. As these are most common eateries and hot favorites among teenagers, therefore you need to cut them down from your diet to achieve a good figure.
By incorporating these few changes in your lifestyle, you will see a marvelous change in your body. These are some simple ideas on how teenager will lose their belly fat which will get them a good body shape.

Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Achieve the Body of Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamt of having a body that is a cause of envy among your friends? Well, now it is possible to have the body of your dreams with the help and guidance of Vince Del Monte, an experienced full time Personal trainer in Ontario who has been working in the field for many years. Vince Del Monte earned an Honours Kinesiology degree from the University of Ontario, and developed a program called the “No Nonsense Muscle Building Program” whose main role is to help a diverse group of men who are not pleased with the way in which their bodies look. 

In addition to Vince Del Monte’s great College preparation, and years of studying in the field, he has also served as one of the valuable contributors for different magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness Magazine, which offer good tips to the male population for maintaining a healthy body image. Not only Vince Del Monte changed the appearance of his own body by going from 140 to 190 lbs of pure muscle, he has also helped other men achieve the body of their dreams with his revolutionary program.

The “No Nonsense Muscle Building Program” can be used at any age ranging from 14 years old to above 50. The program consists of doing weight training workout approximately three to four times per week. The intake of calories is very important when using this program, along with a few cardio exercise routine which last about 20 minutes about 3 to 4 times per week. If one is more interested in burning fat, then it is wise to eat a low calorie plan with a few cardio sessions weekly, according to the program. However, keep in mind that Vince Del Monte recommends that his program should be monitored closely under the supervision of your doctor, since each body responds differently to every routine, although no injuries or deaths have been reported, since this program came to the market in 2006. Overall, Vince Del Monte has proved to be a pioneer in the fight against dull body images in men in a natural, safe, and healthy way. There is no need for some men to become dependent on Steroids or other un-natural or un-safe ways to achieve a great figure. Vince Del Monte created a wonderful program that promises to deliver what it offers; if used in a disciplined manner.

 Now, you can rest assured that you are using a program that offers great results, since it has been widely used in over 120 different Countries, and with more than 30,000 followers with great success stories. The “No Nonsense Muscle Building Program” is easy to obtain by ordering it online, even among those who live outside the United States. It is a Muscle Building Program that is here to stay, and which can be used by a diverse group of people, including beginners who are not experienced in muscle building routines, to the more challenging clients who have used other programs before.

This has been a guest post from Australia's premier Vincent Del Monte workout web page. If you think the work out is for you, it might be worth checking out the site.
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