Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Stay Fit and Motivated in Winter

We all know that motivation and physical fitness go hand in hand. Motivation is the drive that enables you to get out there and break a sweat even when you would rather just sit on your couch and eat an ice cream cone in front of the television set. Without some level of motivation, it’s impossible to stay in shape, but winter can wreak havoc on a person’s motivation, with its frigid weather and rich holiday foods. But you shouldn’t allow the winter chill to freeze your health and fitness. You just need to get into the right frame of mind. Here are some workout ideas for those struggling with the winter workout blues.

Find Friends Who Share Your Goals

Do you have friends who also enjoy working out? If so, consider getting into the habit of joining them at the gym or in their favorite Spinning class. Having that extra accountability is the quickest way to boost your motivation and ensure that you remain on track with your physical fitness. If you don’t currently have friends who share your fitness goals, try a class for yourself and make some new friends. From kickboxing to step aerobics, there are numerous options to choose from, and each class is great for making valuable social connections as well as burning fat and toning muscle.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

It’s easy to lose sight of your fitness goals during the winter months because colder weather equals more layers of clothing. When we’re bundled up, we tend not to worry as much about physical appearance, but staying in shape is about so much more than just looking fantastic in a bathing suit. We must remember that eating well and exercising daily is about maintaining a healthy heart, optimal blood pressure and ideal body mass index, just to name a few important examples. So even if you’re not concerned about having chiseled abs underneath six layers of winter clothing, think about the bigger rewards: your health and longevity.

Make Your Exercise Work for You

Stay motivated by making your workout work for you. If you have to drive to the gym in frigid weather, or if your usual workout involves jogging through the park on a sunny day, it can be very easy to just say, “I’ll work out tomorrow,” and then curl up under a warm blanket. The key is to make your workout as simple as possible. For instance, try bringing the workout into the comfort of your own home. You might purchase a treadmill, invest in a set of Zumba DVDs, tone up with a Bodyblade or stock up on free weights.

The opportunities are virtually limitless, but the key is to stay in a positive frame of mind and make the effort to exercise every day. So find a workout that works for you and turn up the heat this winter season!

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