Monday, December 17, 2012

Raw food diet basics

Raw food diet basics help to have proper information about the exact benefits that one can derive from the different kind of raw foods. Many times, when dieters are advised to follow a diet program that comprise of foods that are raw, they do not possess proper information regarding them. In such situation, they can't derive desired benefits. It would be really better if dieters give serious thought to the consumption of raw foods and apply the basics so that maximum results can be attained with respect to desired weight reduction.

What Is a Raw Food Diet?

A raw food diet constitute of foods that are raw, that is uncooked and unprocessed. For example, raw fruits, raw vegetables, different type of dried nuts, seeds, sea weeds, properly sprouted seeds, whole grains, fruit juices, finely rolled and flaked grains, and herbs. These foods are not heated above 48C, or 118F and are consumed in whole amount without any processing. Besides, they contain plenty of life force and are thus healthy for consumption. Having such foods is good for the body as neither preservatives nor the unnecessary ingredients enter into the human body system. The basic principle that lied behind having raw foods is also 'rawism'. This is basically a choice of lifestyle and not a diet plan for weight reduction. However, it is not at all easy as many find it difficult to follow on consistent basis. Moreover, it involves lot of inputs such as cleaning of the fruits and vegetables, peeling and cutting them into small parts. Doing all these things on daily basis is not always possible due to the unavailability of adequate time.

Raw Food Basics
  • Eating a basic raw food diet makes people thrive on living food which in turn helps to acquire abundant measures of energy
  • Consuming a diet of uncooked and unprocessed plant foods that are organic helps to have nutrients in ample amount
  • As the foods are not heated above a certain temperature, the different type of beneficial enzymes don't get destroyed and thus become available in abundant measures for human consumption
  • Less heating does not lead to the loss of the life force of various kind of foods. That is why, the digestive system has to work really hard and for a very long time so that the foods gets consumed in a proper way.
  • Having raw foods helps to have automatic weight loss as high percentage of fats doesn't enter into the human body, because foods like oils, butter, etc doesn't get used in the making of such foods
  • Eating raw foods helps to have the feeling of fullness, and the taste that one gets is also original and unique. This way, one gets to taste abundant measures of different type of nutrients that assist the digestion process in a better way.
  • Having raw foods helps to reduce the overall level of cholesterol
  • Severity of medical conditions such as inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis too gets reduced
  • Blood pressure level gets normal
Apart from the above basic aspect of eating raw foods, a person can have a glowing skin.

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