Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Resolution Raw Food Diet

The importance of food in our life cannot be described in words. Foods hold a very important place in our life. Good foods make you healthy, fit and strong while unhealthy foods make you fall sick and causes various diseases. It entirely depends upon the type of choice you make. A majority of the population of America are overweight, which has triggered the need for weight loss reduction plans. People are taking it very seriously and therefore opting for various types of diet.

The raw food diet is the latest catch of the season and many people are blindly following this. Some have taken it so seriously that they have made it a new year resolution for them. With the onset of new year, people have taken this resolution for making them a healthy human being with a lean weight this year. Let us see how this helps and the effectiveness of the raw food diet.
Raw Food diet is a diet comprising of unprocessed or uncooked foods. In this kind of diet, the dieters practice rawism which is consumption of raw food items. The foods which are generally in this diet are, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, beans, sprouts, nuts and whole grains. Anything which is to be eaten under this diet is to be in its raw form. Alcohol, animal meats and caffeine are not included in this diet.

Benefits of Raw Food diet

By following a diet comprising of only raw foods, you get a good skin, clean system and overall a lean body weight. You would be able to reduce weight by following such kinds of diet on regular basis. More a food is unprocessed, the more nutrients it contains whereas more a food is processed, lesser the nutrients we get. This is the difference between a processed and unprocessed food. In raw foods, the nutritional value of foods are very high, but the longer you cook them, they start losing their nutrients. Raw food diet gives you the right amount of nutrients with enormous amount of energy. There are plenty of evidences which support this kind of diet.

The research shows that raw food is any day better and high in nutritional value than the cooked foods. However, there are some exceptional foods whose nutritional value is increased only when they are cooked, for instance, tomatoes. Therefore, you must be careful in distinguishing those food items so that you do not get less nutrients.

How to make Raw Food Diet your New Year's Resolution ?

If you are planning to take a new year resolution regarding health related issues, then try to incorporate this resolution to bring out a drastic change in your lifestyle. To opt for raw food diet should be one among many resolutions if you are planning to have a lean body at the end of this year. You only have to consult your dietitian and ask for his/her guidance in following this diet. With their help, you would be able to successfully implement this resolution and make it a big success.

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