Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top Ten Tips from UK Personal Trainers

There are times and place for everything and personal training is no exception to the rule. Regardless of how flexible a weekly schedule a person might have, there is every chance that from time to time they find that they literally do not have a minute to spare for training, either at the gym or with the help of a personal trainer.

However, leading personal trainers all across the UK agree that while this may be the case, there is no reason not to proactively take steps toward a brighter and healthier future pretty much every hour every day. And this doesn't meant turning into a self-obsessed and fanatical fitness junkie, but rather a more proactive person looking after personal interests.

  1. Mental Picture  How people see themselves will always be the core driver behind their exercise and fitness ambitions. Are they looking to lose weight? Look better in tight clothes? Bulk up? Fill out? Creating a mental picture is essential for progress.
  2. Good Food  Or a distinct lack thereof, as it is a plain and simple fact that NOBODY eats as well as they could. Those on a perpetual diet and getting no results are either barking up the wrong tree or lying to themselves.
  3. Mix It Up  The human body is remarkable at adapting to things, which means that while a brisk walk for 15 minutes to the shop will work wonders the first dozen times, a few months later it will offer about 15% of the same benefit. As such, it is vital to mix things up in terms of exercise.
  4. The Carb Myth  Cutting down on processed carbs is a good idea  cutting out carbs altogether is a very bad ideas. And of course, loading up on carbs 24/7 is also less than well-advised  period.
  5. Break Habits  If youve been buying the same products or brands for years or decades, why not add a little variety by switching to something a little healthier? Try to build new habits of low-sugar, low-fat and generally low-nasty shopping.
  6. Beyond Weight  Ask a good personal trainer to evaluate your key stats head to toe including BMI, fat percentage, excess water and so on  a real eye-opener the scales cannot offer.
  7. Calm Down  Most seem unable to find the sensible areas between doing nothing and doing too much  both of which are as counterproductive as each other. Start off slow, then reach for more.
  8. Blame Game  Dont ever try and get away with blaming poor energy levels and body weight on age, as there is nothing to say that almost any person of any age cannot make a huge difference to their health with proactive efforts.
  9. Sleep  It is 100% impossible to be healthy in any way, shape or form without consistent and ample sleep  simple as that.
  10. Understand  Last but not least, know that the key to excellent health, wellbeing and a body to die for lies within the person and not in the services of MHT or any other training specialist.
While some trainers will always rely on gruelling punishment, the team at offers a unique approach whereby the most crucial of doors are opened for their clients of all ages, but it is up to them to actually take steps through it.

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