Friday, September 28, 2012

Guest Post on Benefits of Steaming in Fitness Centers

Fitness centers offer many different features that members take advantage of. From scheduled classes to fitness equipment and pool time, fitness center members enjoy the many different health options that a center provides. One option that many members take advantage of is the steam room. A steam room has many great health benefits that members can take advantage of on a daily basis. Below is a list of benefits that a steam room provides.

Skin Care
A steam room can benefit the skin by providing a cleansing process. When you enter
in to the steam room, the temperatures are very hot, usually over 110 degrees. The high temperature will cause you to sweat and this will remove the dirt and grime from the pores of your skin. If you have skin problems, such as acne, you can use a steam room on a regular basis and essentially will be getting a steam facial treatment, but all over your body!

A steam room can also help sickness. If you feel a cold or other sickness coming on, simply hit the steam room. The steam will help unclog your nasal passages as well as your chest to help with any respiratory problems. But take care, to not stay in the steam room too long if you are feeling weak. It is also best to only visit the steam room at the onset of sickness when you are not running a fever or contagious. It would be unfair to other fitness members to have the possibility to become sick as well.

Weight Loss
A steam room can also boost your weight loss. Many athletes such as wrestlers have used steam rooms to lose an additional pound or two before a weigh in. When you enter in to the steam room, you will of course sweat, which will cause you to lose water weight in the body. This weight loss is only temporary but over time, you can see small results.

Overall, a steam room can help you in many ways. You can speak to your local physician or the employees of your local fitness center to discover the added benefits of the steam room. Do not be afraid to enter in to the steam room. Many are afraid they will have to disrobe to use the steam room, but many fitness centers offer steam rooms that you can just enter in with your regular gym clothes or bathing suit. Speak to your local provider to find out your options.

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