Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Raw Food Diet Plan

Raw food diet refers to diet plan that has only raw foods in it. Though, it may seem to many people that it is all about uncooked food items, raw food diet doesn't mean that you can have only uncooked foods. Raw food diet consists of 75% of uncooked food and 25% of semi cooked or steamed food. One thing that need to be mentioned about cooking of raw food is, it can be cooked at maximum of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It is believed that raw food diet can boost your energy and improve your health. Most of the people think that raw food is all about vegetarian foods but it may also contain meat and some sea foods. These foods are not cooked and are eaten raw or dried.

There are various websites that would provide you with a raw food diet meal plan. You can follow
 that plan to lose weight using raw food. You can have several cups of melon or any other sugar rich fruits juice as your breakfast. You can blend various fruits to prepare a smoothie of all. In your lunch, you can have green salad along with dressings that can be made of avocado, sugary fruits, etc. You can have a large salad along with some leafy green vegetables as your dinner. Avoid alcohol and instead of that try to have soy milk as it is rich in nutrients.

Raw food diet plan includes foods that are mostly natural vegetables and fruits. Raw foods have several health benefits to your body. It is well known that natural raw foods are rich in nutrients and these nutrients get destroyed when cooked. Moreover, the natural enzymes in fruits and vegetables get destroyed when cooked and therefore if you eat raw food, it gets easily digested even without the action of the enzymes secreted by the body. If you are an obese person and want to lose weight, you can follow a raw food diet. This diet is very beneficial for weight loss. You may need to get dedicated to shift to a complete different diet plan but once you get into it, you will get used to it.

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