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Guest Post on Weight Loss Recipe

Raw Food Weight Loss Recipe: Lettuce Wraps

Weight loss is not as difficult as it seems as long as you have some healthy, tasty recipes to keep you excited about losing weight. By using the same raw foods that expert chefs have been relying on since the invention of the spatula, you can create great, healthy meals for your weight loss program. It all begins right in your own kitchen.

One amazing raw food weight loss recipe is lettuce wraps. They're not just a good diet food. Lettuce wraps are an interesting way of introducing healthy raw foods into your everyday eating routine. By adding ingredients you enjoy eating, you can make lettuce wraps that will ensure that you never get bored with your diet. Here's how to make this simple, quick raw food weight loss meal.

Ingredients for Lettuce Wraps

The following ingredients are for one serving. To make more, just calculate each ingredient accordingly.
¼ cup of all-natural hemp seeds
¼ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/8 cup pure honey
¾ Tablespoon raw ginger (chopped)
¼ Tablespoon raw red chili pepper
½ Tablespoon natural soy sauce
½ cup raw, fresh almond butter
¼ head of a medium-sized raw savoy cabbage (shredded)

3 wild spinach leaves (very large)
½ of a large carrot
½ of a ripe, raw mango
½ handful of fresh, raw cilantro leaves
½ handful of fresh, raw basil leaves (torn)
Sea salt (preferably Himalaya)
Cocktail sticks or toothpicks

Directions for Mixing Lettuce Wrap Ingredients

1.Cut your carrot up into pieces the size of matchsticks.
2.Cut your mango up into lengthwise strips that are about 1/4-inch in thickness.
3.Using a high-speed blender of Vita-Mix, puree your soy sauce, red chili, ginger, lemon juice and honey together until completely blended. Your texture will be slightly thick. To make it thinner, just add a little water.
4.Sprinkle a little sea salt onto your cabbage and mix it all together with the almond butter in a bowl. For best results, use your hands or a large wooden mixing spoon.

Directions for Rolling Lettuce Wraps

Rolling your lettuce wraps can be a bit tricky. But, with a little practice, your raw food recipe for lettuce wraps can become a family favorite in your household. Here are the steps:
1. Lay your spinach leaf on top of a cutting board with the underside facing upward.

2. Put some of your cabbage mixture onto the spinach leaf.

3. Add a little of the following on top of the cabbage mixture in the leaf:
  • Hemp seeds
  • Carrot sticks
  • Mango pieces
  • Cilantro leaves
  • Basil leaves
4. Slowly roll the spinach leaf, trying to keep the ingredients inside.

5. Place a cocktail stick or toothpick into the lettuce wrap to keep it rolled up.

Fun Lettuce Wrap Recipe Tips

Raw food lettuce wraps are great for healthy diets and weight loss programs. They can also be fun to make at potlucks or parties. Allow your guest to create their own lettuce wraps. Just lay out all your raw food ingredients and let them choose what they like. Not only will this save you time, it will create a more interactive atmosphere for your special luncheon or dinner.

To add even more choices to your lettuce wrap "smorgasbord", use raw collard greens in addition to spinach leafs. You can also use other raw foods such as green peppers, cherries, fresh squeezed orange juice. Store raw food ingredients in tightly sealed Tupperware containers if you have any left over.

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