Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guest Post on Are you keeping a tab on your diet, Professionals?

With strict schedules and a busy professional life, half of us don’t have time to eat our lunch and dinner and when we have, it’s too late to call it a meal. Binging on unhealthy snacks to save time and eating during the meetings is normal with professionals who have a team and a boss to answer to. Deadlines, work pressure and extended days are not only taking a physical toll over your body but an equal mental stress leading to forgetfulness, confusion and concentration issues.

tab on your diet

Diet is one of the major factors, which keeps you going throughout the day. When you eat well, you must have noticed your mood, work and everything else is just right.
Food takes care of our mood as much as we take care of the body and fuel it. The quick snacks have harmful calories in the form of oils, greasy fats and butter that not only are a time-saving attempt to fill our stomach but are indeed carelessness towards your body that weighs nutrients proportionately and also shows its reduced levels in the form of lack of stamina and early tiredness. If this was not enough, with such eating habits, the chances of getting lifestyle diseases such as high BP, diabetes and even heart problems are very high. 

Eating well on time or having quick bites of homemade snacks or fresh salad is quick boost of energy but also a healthy option. Having colas or lot of caffeine during meetings may take away your real hunger. Try fresh fruits, salads and relish them instead of artificial flavored drinks.   You should drink water, fresh juices, buttermilk, coconut water instead of such flavored drinks.
With diet, physical activity also plays major role in keeping you fit. A desk job for a receptionist to a salesman going around a locality and meeting people ask for a different diet plan. But, proper meal that consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fat at the proper time is very important to take care of health and applicable to everyone. For those who are a  professional, time is the major concern and so it is important that you schedule your day and include time for eating and take strict care of what you pick up when you are out on the meeting.

Stress, lack of physical exercise and more of sedentary lifestyle delays you to reach the perfect health status. A short stretch, early morning walk or using the stairs in your multi story office can help you save time off to gym and easily ensure a perfect figure. Such activities boost energy; keep drowsiness after heavy meals at bay and also does not let your fat deposit in the stubborn areas of your body abdomen, buttock, thighs and chest. Even though at young age you may not feel any difference but in long run unhealthy lifestyle will definitely start showing its effects.

Diet plus optimum physical activity helps everyone to stay fresh, take on more work and increase their efficiency without letting work over burden them. This is extremely important in the competitive world where promotions and positions are only fixed for those who keep work as a priority.

To sum it up, it can be said that what you eat is that what affects your body and mind. Be happy, be cheerful, eat health, stay fresh and work hard!

About The Author: Mark Snachez has been writing for a health magazine. To get tips that's really work for weight loss, nutrition, fitness, beauty, skin care and much more.


  1. I agree,, Proper and healthy diet is an important factor of our fitness. Over use of Junk food may adversely affect our fitness and health.

    1. Yes, Junk food has lots of side effects and it must be avoided.


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