Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest post on Stick to Your Diet in Restaurants

This is the season where there are a lot of invitations for partying or dinner from friends and family. The temptation is so great especially when the holidays are just around the corner. Having a celebration has been always synonymous to feast and if you are on a raw food diet it would be very difficult to eat out when your mind is telling you to stick to your diet while your heart longs the company of those dear to you.

Being on a raw diet demands discipline, motivation and a very strong willpower but sometimes food has some overpowering effect on us. That is why it is very important to learn some alternative strategies when eating out in restaurants if you are on a raw food diet.

Eating out tips that will help you stick to your diet

Restaurant foods are very tempting. You could easily smell and see foods that you are trying to avoid just within your reach and this could be very challenging. What you should do is upon entering the restaurant is to make sure that all appetizer entries that the restaurant will offer like buttered hot bread, finger snack food or chips will not be served. Serving these calorie filled foods when you are hungry will give you the tendency to eat them and lose your appetite for healthier food. Choose only from the list on the menu of protein and vegetable dishes and skip the side servings of potatoes and other carbohydrates. And request for a double serving of vegetables omit the dressing and use a squeeze of lemon, vinegar and oil for flavoring. For added flavor a dash of Parmesan cheese to salad is acceptable since this type of cheese is very low in calories and is flavorful.

Chew your food slowly and savor each bite while having a good conversation with your companion instead of focusing on your food. Have a glass of wine this will enhance the flavor of your food. When it’s time to order for a dessert get yourself a good serving of fresh fruit rather than feel sorry afterwards. No matter where you are dining out make sure that you will not be having any food three hours prior to your sleeping time.

Eating out is a fun time to share with people who are close to you. Even if you are on a raw food diet you can still enjoy this simple pleasure as long as you know what to order.

About the Author: Michelle is a busy mom who chooses delivery diets as a way to stick to her healthy lifestyle.

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