Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finding The Best Low Impact Exercises

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to run miles each day, enroll in a boot camp course at your local gym or do any other high-intensity sport to give your body a work out and stay in shape. Low-impact exercises, such as swimming, yoga and walking provide a complete full body workout that will not only keep your body lean, but may help you repair muscles over time, so that you can do a high intensity work out if you choose.
  • Swimming. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that works out the entire body, from gliding with your arms, tightening your core to help you stay afloat and using your legs and feet as paddles to help you move across the water. In fact, water-therapy and swimming in its various forms are used to treat athletes and those with injured muscles. Though an important exercise, when swimming it's important to keep pool safety in mind around the swimming pool. When exiting the swimming pool watch out for standing water, as you could slip and fall.
  • Yoga. Like swimming, yoga is also used as a form of therapy. In fact, many people with back, neck and related injuries that begin intensive yoga workouts soon find that their problems are non-existent. Yoga builds muscle through deep-stretching and relaxation exercises. There are many types of yoga to suit specific needs.

    Bikram yoga takes place in a room around 105 degrees Fahrenheit offering ample opportunity to work up a sweat, if that is your goal. In contrast, Vinyasa yoga focuses on flowing and movement. Many athletes use yoga to repair their muscles in between strenuous activity. Despite being athletes, many do find the new style of movement challenging, yet they do it to help repair their muscles.
  • Walking. A brisk walk can be just as effective as a light jog, while not being so hard on your knees. While walking may not be as fast as running at shedding weight, it certainly will do so over time. Walking provides a thorough full body workout, from the legs to the abs. If you are interested in also working out your arms, you can use small three to five pound weights to flex muscles while walking. One can also add light weights to the knees for an added workout.

Swimming, yoga and running are just a few options, other low-impact exercises include Pilates, rowing, water-aerobics, ballroom dancing, hiking and golf.

Our guest writer is Jennifer. Jennifer is a child safety advocate. Please make sure that your kids are safe around your pool even in the winter. Always use appropriate pool fencing and pool covers!

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