Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Lose Weight Fasting

Yes, that’s right, fasting! But, not to worry, there is plenty of eating, too! Such is the Eat Stop Eat program, an innovative diet plan created by nutrition expert Brad Pilon that boasts of excellent results for people at a crossroads over their weight and frustrated with diets that don’t work.

The plan is simple, yet effective. It consists of three basic steps that lead to weight loss: eat, fast and work out. A particularly attractive feature of this plan is that you can whatever you want. You do not have to give up any of your favorite foods. You then fast for one or two days out of the week, and mix things up by working out with weights to help you build muscle while you burn fat. 

A great benefit of this plan is that you get to make all the choices. You choose what to eat, when to eat it, when to fast and when to work out. There are no strict rules as with other diets that dictate what you can eat and when. The Eat Stop Eat plan is very flexible and conforms to your individual schedule. 

You might think that the fasting period will force your body into starvation mode and shut down your metabolism. This is not the case with Eat Stop Eat because your body is fasting for only 24 hours at a time, and only one or two times per week. This is a brief fasting period that will not interfere with your metabolism. In fact, because you will be working with weights and eating regularly the rest of the time, your metabolism will actually increase while you’re following this plan. Also, during the fasting period, you will still be able to drink a variety of beverages. 

Training with weights will increase your metabolism because, as you build muscle, your body will burn more calories, including fat, in order to maintain it. This will give you a body that is not just lean, but fit and toned instead of flabby. Working out with weights will also increase your levels of growth hormone, the most powerful fat burning hormone in your body, which will increase metabolic activity even during the brief stages of fasting.

The fasting period further helps you drop those extra pounds by decreasing your overall calorie intake. Reducing calories is probably the biggest contributor to weight loss. If you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight. It’s as simple as that. Decreased overall calorie intake, combined with increased metabolism that burns existing calories at a much faster pace, is the perfect formula for quick and effective weight loss.

All in all, this is a pretty genius diet plan that is easy to follow, flexible enough to conform to even the busiest schedule and, most importantly, transforms your body into a fit, lean calorie-burning machine!

This has been a guest post from the authoritative Eat Stop Eat website in Australia, if you think the program is for you, check it out on their site.

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